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Special Secretary

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    Group Heads                    Renewable Energy
              Technology / Programme
Shri Praveen Kumar

Special Secretary

National Solar Mission (NSM),  Solar Parks Scheme and Defence Scheme,  Solar Pilot Projects (J&K and Leh), NTPC-Bundling Scheme, NTPC-EPC Scheme,Solar City Programme, Green Buildings, VGF Scheme, GBI Scheme, Demonstration Scheme, National Board for Electric Mobility(NBEM), Transmission, Green Energy Corridor and Coordination work with Ministry of Power for various Schemes such as UDAY, SUBHAGYA etc, Ocean/Tidal, Geothermal, Solar Farmers Scheme, Climate Change related initiatives including CDM, Renewable Policy & Regulations including RPO related issues, REC Policy, Re-Invest related documents, ISA,  NCEF, New Technologies,  Hydrogen fuel cell, Green climate Fund Projects and Coordination with MoEF & CC and NABARD, Energy Storage,  Electric Vehicle for surface transport, Akshay Urja Magazine, Media Policy, Storage, Battery Testing (R&D), EFM, ISA, Lab Policy & Standards quality control, HRD & Training including ITEC Innovation centre, Budgeting, Expenditure monitoring, Audit, and Statistical analysis, Conducting studies based on statistical data available for RE, All work related to JS (Solar)

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