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Biogas Power (Off-grid) Programme

Biogas based power units can be a reliable decentralized power generation option in the country.  In  order  to  promote  this  route  of  power  generation,  specifically  in  the  small  capacity range (3 kW to 250 kW),  based  on the availability  of  large  quantity  of  animal wastes  and  wastes  from  forestry, rural  based  industries  (agro/food  processing),  kitchen  wastes,  etc;  a  number  of  projects  of different  capacities  and  applications  will  be  taken  up  for  refining  the  technical  know-how, developing  manpower  and  necessary  infrastructure,  establishing  a  proper  arrangement  of operation & maintenance and large scale dissemination. The projects to be taken up by any village level organization, institution, private entrepreneurs etc. in rural areas as well as areas covered under the Remote Village Electrification (RVE) programme of MNRE other than  the  industries  and  commercial establishments  covered  under  Urban,  Industrial  & Commercial  Applications  (UICA)  programmes  for  sale  of  electricity  to individual/ community on mutually  agreeable  terms. The implementing organizations  must  ensure  that  sufficient  feed stock/ materials  for proposed biogas  plants size  are  available  on sustainable basis and the beneficiary organization gives an undertaking that the plant would be maintained and operated for a minimum period of ten years.