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Biofuel Programme

To meet the increasing energy needs of the country and to provide Energy Security,  National Policy on Biofuels was announced in December 2009.  The major goals of the policy are Development and utilization of indigenous non-food feed stocks raised on degraded or waste lands, thrust on research and development on cultivation, processing and production of biofuels and a blending mandate of  20% Ethanol and Bio-diesel by 2017.  The Policy can be seen at National Policy on Biofuels

The objective of biofuel programme is to support R&D, Pilot plant/Demonstration projects leading to commercial development of 2nd Generation biofuels. The ministry supports R & D projects for development of technologies for production of biofuels through Biogas, Pyrolysis and Gasification, besides promoting deployment of technologies for pilot and full-scale projects on biofuels in general.