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Alternate Hydro Energy Centre (AHEC) was established in Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, now, with initial sponsorship of Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources in the year 1982. The mandate of the center is to promote power generation through the development of Small Hydropower projects (shp) in hilly as well as plain areas & development of decentralised integrated energy systems in conjunction with other renewable energy sources e.g. biomass, solar, wind etc.

The center undertakes the investigation, detailed project reports, engineering designs, techno-economic analysis, field execution of small hydro projects, refurbishment of old and existing small hydropower houses and development of biomass and solar energy systems. The centre carries out the environment and energy auditing of process and allied industries and EIA of small hydro projects. The Centre has also worked for several projects related the conservation and management of water bodies. Technical support to over 20 different state and central government organizations for shp development has been provided. Few IPPs and financial institutions have used its expertise support for their shp development.

The centre has laboratories to undertake specific research and general consultancy studies. Data Bank, for small hydro projects is the unique facility created at AHEC to cater the speedy development of small hydropower. A real time digital shp simulator is being established for training and design with the support from MNES and UNDP under CCFII.

AHEC has been providing professional services in the field of Small Hydropower Development covering Refurbishment, Renovation and Modernisation of SHP Stations, Detailed Project Reports, Detailed Engineering Designs and Construction drawings, Technical Specifications of Turn Key execution/equipment Supply, Pre-Feasibility Reports, Complete Investigations, Planning, Designs and Execution, Techno-Economic Appraisal, R & D/Monitoring of Projects, Remote Sensing and GIS Based Applications.

Other Fields of involvement are Power System Planning and Operation, Energy Auditing, Drainage/Irrigation Related Projects, Environment Impact Assessment and Eco-restoration, R&D in the Field of Other Renewable Energy Sources (Solar, Biomass, Wind etc.)

AHEC has developed two new designs of water mills for grains grinding and for mechanical/electricity generation purpose for the hilly region of the country.

AHEC has been imparting training to the field engineers and technologists through short-term training courses to create trained human resource including of neighboring and developing countries in the field of renewable energy. AHEC offers a four semester Master of Technology (M.Tech.) course in "Alternate Hydro Energy Systems" which is also open to engineers, technologists, officers and scientists drawn from India and other developing nations. AHEC also offers two elective subjects on Renewable Energy to bachelor of engineering students of the Institute. Ph.D. Programme is also offered by AHEC in the field of "Alternate Hydro Energy". Recently, a M. Tech. programme in Environment Conservation sponsored by Ministry of Environment and Forests, GoI is to be offered.

AHEC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Government of Uttaranchal, Bihar and Himachal Pradesh to work as expert agency for the development of small hydropower in Uttaranchal. Under a MOU with Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Government of India, AHEC is being strengthened with modern equipments and is offering its services for testing, auditing, certification of performance for shp equipments at small hydro sites.

For more details please visit our Website : http://ahec.org.in