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The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission was launched on the 11th January, 2010 by the Prime Minister. The Mission has set the ambitious target of deploying 20,000 MW of grid connected solar power by 2022 is aimed at reducing the cost of solar power generation in the country through (i) long term policy; (ii) large scale deployment goals; (iii) aggressive R&D; and (iv) domestic production of critical raw materials, components and products, as a result to achieve grid tariff parity by 2022. Mission will create an enabling policy framework to achieve this objective and make India a global leader in solar energy. 

Indian Solar Radiation Atlas 

Grid connected Solar Systems 

Off-Grid Solar Systems


Solar Photovoltaic 

Formats for submission of Project proposal for SPV systems  under Off Grid Solar Applications:-
  1. Mini - Grid SPV Power Plants (Maximum SPV Capacity: 250 kWp each)
  2. Format for Submitting Project Proposals for installation of Individual SPV Systems
    ( SPV system capacity of each Power Pack/Plant from 100 Wp to 1kWp)
    (Maximum SPV Water Pumping System capacity each  : 5 kWp)
  3. Stand Alone SPV Power Plants (Maximum SPV Capacity: 100 kWp each)
Formats for submission of project completion document:-
  1. Project completion Report for Solar Power Plants ( 1-100kWp)
  2. Format for Statement of Expenditure (SoE)
  3. Format for submission of Utilisation Certificate
  4. Interest earned on release advance CFA
  5. Project completion Report for SPV Lighting System
  6. Project completion report - SPV Water Pumping System

Solar Thermal 

Combined documents for Solar Photovoltaic & Solar Thermal

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