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Akshay Urja Shops


 The ministry has been promoting the establishment of Aditya Solar Shops in major cities of the country since 1995 with a view to make solar energy products easily available and to provide easy after sales repair services. During the 9th Plan period, shops were established by the State Nodal Agencies (SNAs) / Manufacturer’s Associations and reputed NGOs. During the 10th Plan period, private entrepreneurs have also been allowed to establish these shops. Under the present scheme, the shops are renamed as “Akshay Urja Shops” with a view to cover wider sale and service of all renewable energy devices and systems including solar energy products. The network of the shops will be expanded by encouraging private entrepreneurs and NGOs to set up and operate such shops in all districts of the country.


 The objective of the programme is to support the establishment of one shop in each district for creation of a network of retail outlets in form of “Akshay Urja Shops” in all the districts for sale and service of solar energy and other renewable energy products.

Discontinue the "Akshay Urja Shops Programme" beyond 12th Plan period. (Posted 23.06.2017)

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