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Family Type Biogas Plants Programme

National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP)

 1.1     Introduction

Biogas is a clean and efficient fuel. It contains about 65 per cent methane, about 34 percent carbon dioxide and traces of other gases, such as hydrogen sulphide and ammonia.  Biogas is produced when organic materials, such as cattle dung, are digested in the absence of air, in `Biogas Plant'. 

 The Central Sector Scheme on National Biogas and Manure Management Programme, which mainly caters to setting up of family type biogas plants, has been under implementation since 1981-82. National Biogas and Manure Management Programme provides for central subsidy in fixed amounts, turn-key job fee linked with five years’ free maintenance warranty; financial support for repair of old-non functional plants; training of users, masons, entrepreneurs, etc.; publicity and extension; service charges or staff support; State level Biogas Development and Training Centres (BDTC); (fixed amount of CFA to institutional biogas plants); financial support for institutions for cattle dung based power generation plants; etc 

1.2.      Objectives

The objectives of programme are as follows:-

(i)         To provide clean bio- gaseous fuel mainly for cooking purposes and also for other applications for reducing use of LPG and other conventional fuels;

(ii)        To meet ‘lifeline energy’ needs for cooking as envisaged in ‘Integrated Energy Policy’;

(iii)       To provide bio-fertilizer/ organic manure to reduce use of chemical fertilizers;

(iv)       To mitigate drudgery of rural women, reduce pressure on forests and accentuate social benefits;

(v)        To improve sanitation in villages by linking sanitary toilets with biogas plants;

(vi)       To mitigate Climate Change by preventing black carbon and methane emissions.

2.         Potential and Achievement

A cumulative total of 4.31 million family type biogas plants have been set up in the country against estimated potential of 12 million plants. State-wise information on achievement vis-à-vis potential is given in Annexure-I as per figures of 31-12-2010. 

 3.        Technology

 Approved designs of family type biogas plants   

 i)         Following models of biogas plants are approved for promotion: 

(a) KVIC Floating Drum Type Biogas Plants having digester made ofbricks or stones. 1 to 10 cubic metre
(b) KVIC Type Biogas Plants with Ferro cement digester    1 to 10 cubic metre
(c) KVIC Type Biogas Plants with Fibre Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Gas holder 1 to 10 cubic metre
(d) Deenbandhu Model(i)  Brick masonry(ii) In ferrocement with in-situ technique(iii) Prefabricated HDPE material based prefabricated dome for Deenbandhu Model family size Biogas Plants.(iv) Solid – State Deenbandhu design fixed dome biogas plant, developed by ICAR 1 to 6 cubic metre
(e) Pre-fabricated RCC fixed dome model(i)           Shakti-Surbhi FRP based floating dome KVIC portable model biogas plant developed by Vivekanad Kendra, Kanyakumari(ii)         Sintex make plastic based floating dome KVIC type biogas plant, developed by Sintex Industries Ltd., Kalol (Gujarat) 2 & 3 cubic metre(0.5 to 2cubic meter biogas plants and higher for higher capacity plants-do-
(f) 'Flxi' model Bag digester type plant made of rubberised nylon fabric manufactured by Swastik Rubber Products Ltd., Pune. 1 to 6 cubic metre

ii)         Size of plants, requirement of cattle dung and estimated cost  

Size of plant Quantity of cattle dung required daily No. of cattle heads required Estimated cost*  at 2010-11 prices worked out for Central part of country
1 cubic metres 25 kg 2-3 Rs.12,080/-
2 cubic metres 50 kg 4-6 Rs.16,200/-
3 cubic metres 75 kg 7-9 Rs.19,405/-
4 cubic metres 100 kg 10-12 Rs.23,350/-

 * The biogas plant cost is higher by 30 per cent and 50 per cent in hilly areas and North Eastern Region States, respectively.

iii)        Applications

Cooking            :             Biogas can be used in a Biogas chulhas/ burner for cooking. A biogas plant of 2 cu.m. capacity is sufficient for providing cooking fuel to a family of 4 persons.

Lighting              :           Biogas can be also used for lighting a biogas lamp in indoor or outdoor. The requirement of gas for powering a 100 candle lamp (60 W) is 0.13 cu.m. per hour.

Power Generation :        Biogas can be used to operate a dual fuel or 100% biogas engine and can replace upto 80% of   diesel in dual fuel engines.

Refrigeration :               Biogas can also be used for cooling applications in operating the chilling machines.

4          Implementing agencies  

The programme is implemented by State Nodal Departments / Agencies and Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Mumbai. The list of State Nodal Departments/ Agencies is given at Annexure – II.

 5.1      Central Subsidy :  

The pattern of Central Financial Assistance under National Biogas and Manure Management Programme

w.e.f. 1st November 2009 and for remaining period of 11th Plan.

Sl. No. Items for Central Financial Assistance(CFA) Family type Biogas Plants under CDM Family type Biogas plants under NBMMP**
    1 cum 2-4 cum 1 cum 2-4 cum
A.      Central Financial Assistance to beneficiaries of Biogas Plant (in Rs. per plant)
1. NER States, Sikkim (except plain areas of Assam) 11,700 11,700 14,700 14,700
2. Plain areas of Assam 9,000 9,000 9,000 10,000
3. Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Niligiri of Tamil Nadu, Sadar Kursoong & Kalimkpong Sub-Divisions of Darjeeling, Sunderbans (W.B.) and Andaman & Nicobar Islands 3,500 4,500 4,000 10,000
4. All Others 2,100 2,700 4,000 8,000
B. Turn-Key Job Fee including warranty for five years (in Rs. per plant) 7,00 1,500
C. Additional CFA for toilet linked Biogas Plants (in Rs. per plant) 5,00 1,000
D. Incentive for saving Diesel and other conventional fuels by using biogas in engines/ gensets  and/ or biogas based refrigerators (in Rs. per plant) 2,500 5,000
E. Administrative Charges- for target range of plants (in Rs.)
1. 100-3,000 50,000@ 1,00,000^
2. 3,001-7,000 8,90,000# 10,50,000^^
3. Above 7,001 14,90,000$ 24,50,000 *
F.    Training Courses (in Rs.)
1. Users course 1,000 2,000
2. Staff Course 5,000 8,000
3. Refresher/ Construction-cum maintenance course 19,000 35,000
4. Turkey-key operator & management course for workers of companies/ entrepreneurs 38,500 67,500
G. Biogas Development & Training Centers As per existing pattern As per existing pattern
H. Communication & Publicity –for target range of plants (in Rs.)
1. Up  to 1,000 1,00,000 1,00,000
2. 1,001- 10,000 2,50,000 2,50,000
3. More than 10,000 5,00,000 5,00,000
I. Support for Repair of Non- functional Plants with the restriction of utilization of upto 5 % of the outlay of the programme in that year of the concerned State/ UT Nil 50% of applicable CFA category subject to sharing of 50% of the cost of repair by the beneficiary.


Family type Biogas Plants under CDM        Family type Biogas plants under NBMMP
@ Extra Rs.300 per plant in excess of 200 biogas plants. ** Maximum of 50% of the cost of the biogas plant for low cost models.      
# Extra Rs.150 per plant in excess of 3000 biogas plants. ^ Extra Rs. 350 per plant in excess of 100 biogas plants.
$ Extra Rs.100 per plant in excess of 7000 biogas plants & maximum of Rs.30 lakh. ^^ Extra Rs.300 per plant in excess of 3000 biogas plants.
  * Extra Rs. 250 per plant in excess of 7,000 biogas plants subject to maximum of Rs. 50.0 lakh.


 5.2      State Level Biogas Development and Training Centres    

            State Level Biogas Development and Training Centres are functioning at: (i) Bangalore ( Karanataka),  (ii) TNAU, Coimbatore (Tamilnadu), (iii) CESR, Indore (Madhya Pradesh), (iv) IIT, Kharagpur (West Bengal), (v) Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), (vi) PAU, Ludhiana (Punjab), (vii) HPKVV, Palampur (Himachal Pradesh), (viii) UPES, Dehradun (Uttaranchal) and (ix) CTAE, Udaipur (Rajasthan) and (x) IIT, Guwahati (xi) IIT, Delhi, (xii) KVIC, Nasik (xiii) KIIT, Bhubaneshwar for providing technical, training and publicity support to State nodal departments and programme implementing agencies.

5.3       Training courses :  Financial assistance is given for organising different kinds of training courses as mentioned below :- 

Course Duration No. of  trainees per course Central financial Assistance per course
Users One day 50-60 Rs.2,000/-
Staff 2-3 days 10-15 Rs.8,000/-
Refresher/ Construction-cum- Maintenance 16 days 10 Rs.35,000/-
Turn-Key Workers 15 days 10 Rs.67,500/-

 5.4      Communication and publicity  :  Assistance is given for communication and publicity work linked with target ranges to State nodal departments and agencies. 

 6.         Programme during Eleventh Plan

Promotion of biogas plants continued during the XI Plan.  A target of setting up of 6.47 lakh family type biogas plants has been fixed with a plan outlay of Rs.562.00 crore. Year-wise achievements vis-à-vis targets and budget- expenditure during 2007-08 to 2009-10 and 2010-11 upto 21-02-2011 is as given below: 

  Year (No. of plants)
2007-08 88,840
2008-09 1,07,929
2009-10 1,19,914
2010-11 71,165

  7.         Monitoring

A three-tier monitoring system exists, which consists of self-reporting by State Governments and implementing agencies involving 100 per cent physical verification of biogas plants at the block level. The second level is by random basis verification by State nodal departments and implementing agencies and KVIC at State level. The third-tier involves filed inspection on random basis by Regional Biogas Development and Training Centres of MNRE.

 8.         Evaluation studies

At the instance of the Ministry, an independent evaluation diagnostic survey study on National Biogas and Manure Management Programme has been conducted by APITCO Ltd. Hyderabad for plants installed during 10th plan. The study covered plants set up during the years 2002-03 to 2006-07 in 6 States, namely, Assam, Gujarat, Kerala, Punjab, Chattisgarh and West Bengal. The report received in August, 2009, indicated that about 95.81% of the plants are in operation/ working.

 9.         New Initiatives

The Ministry launched another Programme on Biogas based  Distributed/Grid Power Generation in January 2006 (2005-06) so as to set up reliable decentralized power generating units(3KW to 250KW) in rural areas in the country. The per KW Central Financial Assistance (CFA) of Rs. 40,000 (3-20 KW), Rs. 35,000 (>20 to 100 KW) and Rs. 30,000 (>100 to 250 KW) is available for the installation of biogas based power generation units. The programme is implemented through nodal departments/ agencies of the states/ UTs, KVIC, institutions and Biogas Development and Training Centres (BDTCs) of MNRE.

Recently During the year 2008-09, the Ministry took up a new initiative to demonstrate an Integrated Technology-package in entrepreneurial mode on medium size (200-1000 cum/day) biogas fertilizer plants (BGFP) for generation, purification/enrichment, bottling and piped distribution of biogas. Installation of such plants aims at meeting stationary and motive power, cooling, refrigeration and electricity needs in addition to cooking and heating requirements. Another EOI invited proposals for setting up such plants having capacity of above 1000 m3 also.


National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP)
State-wise estimated potential and cumulative achievements for family type biogas plants upto 31/3/2011

State/ Union Territories Estimated Potential Cumulative Physical Achievements as on 31-03-2010 Physical Target for 2010-11 Physical Achievements during 2010-2011 Cumulative Physical Achievements as on 31-3-2011
1 2 3 4 5  6
Andhra Pradesh 1065000 457938 18000 16275 474213
Arunachal Pradesh 7500 2957 200 175 3132
Assam 307000 81592 5000 6732 88324
Bihar 733000 125888 300 350 126238
Goa 8000 3893 50 18 3911
Gujarat 554000 411950 10000 6105 418055
Haryana 300000 54083 2000 1379 55462
Himachal Pradesh 125000 45716 300 445 46161
Jammu & Kashmir 128000 2489 1000 114 2603
Karnataka 680000 418759 16000 14464 433223
Kerala 150000 126463 3500 3941 130404
Madhya Pradesh 1491000 295580 16000 16742 312322
Maharashtra 897000 780527 8000 21456 801983
Manipur 38000 2128 50 -- 2128
Meghalaya 24000 6661 600 1275 7936
Mizoram 5000 3820 200 100 3920
Nagaland 6700 4153 500 1171 5324
Orissa 605000 239818 7000 6050 245868
Punjab 411000 105289 16000 23700 128989
Rajasthan 915000 67348 100 275 67623
Sikkim 7300 7333 240 358 7691
Tamilnadu 615000 216516 1500 1493 218009
Tripura 28000 2793 100 89 2882
Uttar Pradesh 1938000 422269 4500 4603 426872
West Bengal 695000 318510 15000 17000 333510
A&N Islands 2200 137 - - 137
Chandigarh 1400 97 - - 97
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 2000 169 - - 169
Delhi 12900 679 - 01 680
Pondicherry 4300 578 50 - 578
Chattisgarh 400000 32050 3700 3832 35882
Jharkhand 100000 4933 1000 913 5846
Uttarakhand 83000 10508 900 2082 12590
KVIC* - -      
TOTAL : 1,23,39,000 42,53,624 1,50,790 1,51,138 44,04,762

                 *The total figures of targets and achievements are inclusive of the achievements made by KVIC

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Annexure – II

                    List of State Nodal Departments / State Nodal Agencies for implementation of 
                          National Biogas and Manure Management Programme (NBMMP)

S. No. State Agencies Ph/ Fax/ Email ID
1. ANDHRA PRADESH  Managing DirectorNon-Conventional Energy DevelopmentCorporation of Andhra Pradesh (NEDCAP) Ltd.5-8-207/2 Pisgah Complex NampallyHyderabad – 500001 Off 040-23202391/ 23203638/23203376/23202262Fax: 040-23201666Email: info[at]nedcap[dot]gov[dot]in
2. ARUNACHAL PRADESH Director,Arunachal Pradesh Energy Development Agency (APEDA)(A State Government Agency)Urja Bhawan TAdar Tang Marg,Post Box No. 141, Itanagar – 791111 Off: 0360-2211160
3. ASSAM State Nodal officer FDA CumChief Conservator of Forest,Social Forestry, Assam,Baristha, Guwahati – 29 Ph. & Fax 0361 – 2305099 
4. BIHAR   DirectorBihar Renewable Energy Development AgencyIst Floor, Sone Bhawan,Virchand Patel Marg,Patna – 800001(KOHIMA)  Phone : 0612-2228734 (O)e-mail: director[at]sdabeebreda[dot]comwebsite : 
5. CHATTISGARH  Director,Chattisgarh State RenewableEnergy Development Agency,D2/D3, Shriram Nagar, Near Railway Crossing,Vidhansabha Road, Raipur- 492007 (C.G) Off-0771-4019239/ 4019225Fax: 0771-4268389
6. GOA Dy. Director of Agriculture (PP)Directorate of Agriculture,Govt. of Goa, Krishi Bhawan,Tonca- CaranzalemPanaji Goa. Off-0832-2465443Fax: 0832-2422243Email: dir-agri[dot]goa[at]nic[dot]in
7. GUJARAT Chief Managing Director,Gujarat Agro Industries Corporation Ltd.,Khet Udyog Bhawan, Oppsite- Old High CourtNavrangpura, Ahmedabad – 380014 Ph. 079-27544741 – 42, 27540254, 27543743
8. HARYANA  Joint Director (Agri’l Engg.)Directorate of Agriculture,Krishi Bhawan, Sec. 21,Panchkula (Haryana)Director,Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA)SCO 48, Sector – 26Chandigarh - 160019 Off-0172-2576210Fax-0172-2576210 
9. Himachal Pradesh Director (Agriculture)Department of AgricultureGovt. of Himachal PradeshShimla – 171005 Ph. 0177-2830618/2830174
10. Jammu & Kashmir  Director (IREP),Directorate of  IREP (DAR Building)Bouleward Road Nehru Park, Sri Nagar.  Ph. 0191-2432539 – Office winter. Ph. 0194- 2475674 – office summer. Fax 0191-2432539
11. JHARKHAND  The CEO & Director,Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development AgencyPlot No. 328/B, Road No. 4Ashok Nagar, P.O.- DorandhaRanchi – 834002 (Jharkhand) Ph.: 0651-2246970/ 2247049 / 2240692Fax:-0651-2240665 
12 KARNATAKA  Principal Secretary to Government of Karnataka,Rural Development & Panchayati Raj Department,Karnataka Government Secretariat,M. S. Building, Bangalore- 560001 Ph. 080-22353929Fax-080-22353927 
KARNATAKA RENEWABLE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT AGENCY LTD. No. 19, Maj. Gen. A D Logandan, INA Cross Queen’s Road, Bangalore – 560 052 Ph: 080-22282220, 22282221, Fax: 080-22257399E-mail: kredlnte[at]yahoo[dot]co[dot]in Web:
13. KERALA Sh. B. J. JayakumarAdditional Director of AgricultureDirectorate of AgricultureVikas Bhawan, ThiruvananthapuramKerala Telefax: 0471-2306219
Director,Agency for Non-Conventional EnergyAnd Rural Technology (ANERT)C. No. 14/649Opposite Thycad House, Thycaud P.O.Thiruvananathapuram-695014 Off- 0471-2338077, 2333124, 2331803
14. MADHYA PRADESH  (1) Managing DirectorMadhya Pradesh State AgroIndstiries Development Corporation Ltd.Panchanan, 3rd Floor,, Malviya NagarBhopal – 462003 Ph.: 0755-2556566/2553595Fax: 0755-2557305Email: mpagro_bpl[at]airtelmail[dot]  
(ii) Managing DirectorM. P Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd., UrjaBhawan, Link Road No. 2, Shivaji   Nagar,Near Bus Stop No. 5     Bhopal – 462016 Tel:– 0755-2556526,2556566,2767270 
(iii) Project CoordinatorSpecial Expert (Energy)M.P. Rural Livelihood ProjectGovt. of M.P, Panchayat & RuralDevelopment Department.3rd Floor, Beej Bhavan,     Arera Hills Bhopal- 462004 (M.P) Ph. 0755-2766816Fax: 0755-2766816 
15 MAHARASHTRA  Dy. Secretary to Govt. of Maharashtra,Rural Development and Water Conservation Department,Room No. 163(Main), Ist Floor, Mantralaya, Mumbai – 400032 Ph.-022-22844613(O) ,Fax-022-22831017e-mail: irdpcell[at]gmail[dot]com
16. MANIPUR Member Secretary,Manipur Renewable EnergyDevelopment Agency (MANIREDA)Science & Technology ComplexDepartment of Science, TechnologySai Road, Takyelpat, Imphal- 795001  
17. MEGHALAYA DirectorMeghalaya Non-conventional & Rural EnergyDevelopment Agency (MNREDA)Lower Lacheaumiere, Opp. P&T DispensaryNear BSF Camp (Mawpat)Shillong – 793011 Ph. 0364-3537343 / 2536138  
18. MIZORAM Joint Director (Biogas)Joint Director & Nodal officer for BiogasDirectorate of Animal Husbandry and VeterinaryBungkawn Road, KhatlaGovt. of MizoramAizwal- Mizoram Ph. 0389- 2333660 (DR) / 2334555 Telefax- 0389- 2333660Fax: 0389 - 2333234
19. NAGALAND  DirectorNew and Renewable Energy,Old Industries & Commerce Office BuildingUpper Chandmari, Kohima, Nagaland Ph. (Off.) : 0370 – 2242565/66
20. ORISSA  Chief Executive,Orissa Renewable Energy Development Agency(under deptt. of Science & Technology) Govt. of Orissa,S-59, Mancheswar Industrial EstateBhubneswar – 751010 (ORISSA) Ph. 0674-2588260(DR)Fax0674-2586368
21. PONDICHERRY  Project DirectorRenewable Energy Agency of PondicherryNo. 10, Second Main RoadElango Nagar, Pondicherry- 605011 Off- 0413-2244319Fax- 0413-2244219 
22. PUNJAB Director,Punjab Energy Development AgencySolar Passive ComplexPlot No.1 & 2, Sector  33-DChandigarh (U.T) – 160034 Ph.0172-2667005 / 2663352/ 2615853/ 2646291
23. RAJASTHAN  Deptt. of Renewable Energy SourceCollege of Technology & EngineeringMaharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur – 313001 Ph. 0294- 2471068(o)0294-2811557 (R)Fax: 0294-2471056
24. SIKKIM  Director,Sikkim Renewable Energy DevelopmentAgency (SREDA), SREDA BhawanD.P.H Road (Near Janta Bhawan)GANGTOK – 737101, Sikkim Ph: 03592-221127 / 229810Fax:  03592-221127E-mail: sreda[dot]sik[at]nic[dot]in
25. TAMILNADU Director,Directorate of Rural Development &Panchayat Raj, Govt. of Tamil Nadu,PANAGAL Building-1, Jenis RoadSaidapet Chennai – 600015 Ph. 044-24338690Fax-044-24343205
26. TRIPURA Shri Subhash Chaudhary,Director & Chief Executive Officer,Tripura Renewable Energy Development AgencyVigyan Bhawa, 2nd Floor,Pandit Nehru ComplexWest Tripura, Agartala – 799006 Fax-0381-2225900 
27. UTTRAKHAND  DirectorUttranchal Renewable Energy (UREDA)Development Agency, (UREDA) Energy Park CampusIndustrial Area, Patel Nagar,Dehradun – 248001 Ph-0135-2521387Fax-0135-2521386 
Sh. Shailender Singh BistDy. Commissioner (Programme)Rural DevelopmentDirectorate of Rural DevelopmentUttarakhand Pauri Mob. 09412079684, Ph.- 01368-223896/ 222295Fax- 01368-223895Email- crd_pauri[at]yahoo[dot]com 
28. UTTAR PRADESH  Commissioner,Deptt. of Rural Development,Government of U.P10th Floor Jawahar Bhawan,Ashok road, Luchnow (U.P) Ph. 0522-2286015 / 2286022Fax: 0522-2286023/ 2286025e-mail: crd-up[at]nic[dot]in  
Shri Nitishwar KuomarDirectorUttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (NEDA), U.PVibhuti Khand, Gomti NagarLucknow – 226010 (U.P) ho_aks[at]rediffmail[dot]com Ph. 0522-2720652Fax: 2720779e-mail: nedaup[at]dataone[dot]in
29. WEST BENGAL  DirectorWest Bengal Renewable EnergyDevelopment AgencyBikalap Shakti Bhawan, Plot- J-1/10,EP & GP Block, Salt LakeElectronics Complex, Sector- VKolkata – 700091 Ph. 033-23575038, 23575348 Fax: 033-23575037e-mail: wbreda[at]cal[dot]vsnl[dot]net[dot]in  
30. KVIC Dr. S.N ShuklaDirector (Bio Technology)Khadi and Village IndustriesCommission3, Irla Road, Vile Parle (West)Mumbai – 400056 Off- 022-26711052/Fax :  022-26713696Email: nce[at]kvic[dot]gov[dot]in